Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Propane Delivery in NJ

Do you need propane delivery in NJ? There’s a wide array of reasons propane is becoming the energy source of choice in the United States. Europeans have been using propane as their energy source for decades now. It’s finally catching on stateside and we’ll tell you why you should be switching to propane and why you’ll be glad you did. At JackGas, we've been providing home and business owners, construction sites, and others with affordable propane delivery in NJ since 1969. Our professionals know propane, but many people are still skeptical about the eco-friendly natural gas. We've put together some reasons why you should make the switch, and when you do - remember that we can have it delivered to your home without delay!

Propane is absolutely the more affordable choice to most other alternative energy sources currently available. In terms of the actual propane tanks to the overall savings you’ll benefit from by switching over.  

Another fantastic benefit is no longer will you have to wait extended periods of time for hot water to return after usage. With propane heaters, that time is cut by more than half. Allowing you to ultimately save the time that might be wasted waiting for the hot water to return.

Did we mention that it’s also good for the environment? It’s true. Propane is an officially approved clean fuel alternative. This was declare by the Clean Air Act of 1990. Propane releases a substantially lower amount of greenhouse gases than most other fuel and energy sources. In a world trying to go green, propane is the ideal option.

The reliability of propane is unmatched. Even in the worst weather conditions propane will prosper. When your electricity fails, propane will be there heating and energizing your home. And when you need it, our reliable propane delivery in NJ will have you back up and running again promptly, our service as reliable as the natural gas!

If you’re thinking about going propane or researching possible green energy alternatives please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to inform you, and tell you how you can begin integrating propane with your building or home. The sooner you convert to propane the more money you’ll save on energy costs, and the quicker you’ll lesson your carbon footprint. Viable green energy sources are here, and can be utilized immediately. Begin taking the steps to make your home greener, and contributing to a cleaner earth.

Ordering your first tanks with our professional propane delivery in NJ is just the beginning, and soon after you’ll wonder how you lived before switching to propane. The difference is that substantial. The fact that’s it’s nontoxic  and nonpoisonous is just another fantastic quality of propane. So make the move to making your home safer without it impacting your wallet in a big way. We’ll be happy to help you transition into your new life of green, practical energy.  It’s a step we home many Americans will embrace soon, and we’ll be there to help them make the move. 

We service the following counties with NJ propane delivery:
When you decide to make the switch to propane, you can trust JackGas to be there when you need. We are committed to your satisfaction, which is why we fill our 20 lb propane tanks with 20 lbs of propane, unlike others who fill 3/4 of the way to save some money. We'll keep you warmer and your grill working longer!

For more information about our expert propane delivery in NJ, call JackGas today at (973) 745-0396.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Propane Delivery in NYC

There are a slew of advantages that come with using propane. One of the greatest advantages is that it’s environmentally friendly. It has minimal risk when using, and cuts the production of greenhouse gases a very significant amount. Since 1969, JackGas has been a trusted provider of propane delivery in NYC. We cater to homes and residences who utilize propane for grilling and heating, offering exceptional service and prompt delivery. We are committed to your satisfaction, and that's why we fill a 20lb propane tank with 20lbs of propane. We know, it sounds silly, but many companies fill 3/4 of the way to save money. If you're undecided if propane is for you, we have collected a few reasons why propane is a energy source solution:

It’s very affordable.

Propane usage, on average, costs about half as much per BTU (British Thermal Unit) as electricity. Also, propane gas fireplaces can cost thirty to sixty percent less to run per hour of use than wood burning fireplaces. If you take a look at your current electricity and heating expenses it’s more than likely switching to propane will cut a large chunk out of your bill.

It warms more efficiently.

Propane heating systems average 20 degrees warmer than electric heat pumps that tend to release cooler air. Not to mention, as previously stated, running a propane heating system is much more affordable than many alternatives.

It’s widely available.

Regardless of whether you’re living in the city, country or just outside the city, you can use propane as an energy source. Furthermore, our propane delivery in NYC means that you don't have to leave your home to receive a fresh, full tank!

Easier to maintain.

Propane gas furnaces are estimate to last about twenty years. Whereas electric heat pumps seem to only last an average of about fourteen years. Not only that, but the cost of repair of a propane gas furnace is significantly less than that of electric heat pumps.
Propane is the energy supply of the future. The energy supply of a healthier earth, and in return, a healthier us. Learn how you can energize your home with propane today.

More reliable.

By relying more on propane you lessen your dependence on the electric grid. In the event of a power outage, you’ll still have energy while others could be left in the dark and we can provide you with emergency propane delivery in NYC in case you're in short supply. With propane energy you will still have hot water, heat and be able to cook your food even in the most dire of weather conditions. Ideal in case of unexpected and hectic weather.

Widely made in America.

Over ninety percent of the propane used in the United States is produced in the United States. So it’s, in fact, a great way to power your home as well as supporting the local economy.

Heats quickly.

With you choose our propane delivery in NYC for your propane heater, you can get hot water after using the majority of it at two and a half times the speed of an electric water heater. While also costing around thirty percent less to operate. You can truly refill your hot water supply in one-fourth the time it would take an electric heater to refill it.

For more information about our professional propane delivery in NYC, call JackGas today at (973) 745-0396.