Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Propane Refill In NJ? Why Not Get Propane Tank Delivery Instead

If you were thinking about getting your propane tank refilled in NJ, save yourself the trip! Why not get a propane delivery instead? Since 1969, Jackgas has been a leading propane delivery company based in the state of NJ. Our propane is cheaper per pound than any other propane gas services, and we deliver it directly to your door.

When the propane tank on your grill has run out, getting a refill can be a pain. Carrying the full tank in your car can be dangerous and you'd need to take precautions to secure it well. With Jackgas, getting more propane has never been easier. You save yourself the trip to the store and the hassle and hazard of bringing the new tank in your car. It's also cheaper per pound and you can count on Jackgas to be honest about how much propane goes into the tank. With us, if you order 20 lbs of propane, you can be sure that you will get the full 20 lbs. Most propane refill services in NJ fill a 20 lb tank, with only three quarters of that amount. This makes it seem cheaper but its not, and you will need a refill again sooner.

With Jackgas, using your barbeque has never been easier. From the first tank you order from us you will see that it lasts longer than your usual tank of propane, and our delivery services make the exchange easy and quick.
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