Monday, February 27, 2012

Propane Gas Tanks: Propane Home Delivery in NY/NJ/CT

Although the weather continues to fight itself between pleasantly warm and chilly winds, spring is approaching more quickly than we know.  As almost a ritual, many families in the tri-state area will start preparing the grill for good eats in the warmer months.  For some, prep-time is simply, but for others it's quite a hassle: hauling a propane tank from one store to another in search of fire-starting fuel.  Between learning how to carry a tank to ensure no hazardous leaks, to paying for a refill, the propane tank tango can make grilling seem like a waste of time.  Here's how you can save your money, energy and time for the grill:  Use a propane tank home delivery and refill company!  Getting a new propane tank for your grill will never be easier than using Jack Gas propane refill and delivery.

On average, Jack Gas customers spend 10 cents less per pound of propane.  Those savings add up (leaving more in your budget for grilling treats!)  Gas Jack service professionals don't even require the customer to be at home during the delivery.  Just give them instructions and they'll locate your tank to fill or replace it, for less cost than to bring your propane tank to a store and replace or refill onsite.

For the easiest service possible, call Jack Gas propane tank services in NJ.  It's no comparison!  Jack Gas wins out: reliable service, delivered to your own backyard, a more affordable refill and you don't even have to be home!

Monday, February 20, 2012

About Propane Delivery NY

Jack Gas is a NY propane delivery company that is also based in Northern New Jersey and Fairfield, Connecticut.We deliver propane across the majority of the Tri State Area, and we have done so for over forty years. There is a reason Jack Gas is a leader in propane delivery in NJ, CT, and NY. While many propane delivery companies are happy to  deliver you a fifteen pound tank of propane at full price, Jack Gas goes around the industry standard to offer our customers a much better deal.Our standard practice is to give our customers a 20 pound tank of propane at a cheaper price per pound than our competitors.

The chart to the right shows the average price per tank and price per pound. Our tanks are much cheaper because you, the customer, are saving ten cents per pound of propane. This is why Jack Gas is a leader in propane delivery in CT, NJ, and NY. If you want to know more about propane delivery, visit