Monday, October 6, 2014

Propane Tank Delivery

Are you looking for propane tank delivery? Jack Gas, a division of a large and successful propane company, offers a brand new way to refill your propane tank. Offering both refills and rentals, we can set up our customers with an in-store pick up or a convenient propane tank delivery.

Whether you need a propane tank for a BBQ and you’re running behind schedule or your old tank needs to be refilled on the spot, Jack Gas’ services for propane tank delivery are exactly what you need. In addition to the convenience of delivery, you will save an extra 10 cents per pound and get a full tank delivered to your door for only $24.99.

With Jack Gas, you’ll never have to carry your heavy, old propane tank to the store again. In addition, you will also pay less for more propane. Never have to lug your propane tank all the way home again. Propane tank delivery is available throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut on select days. Place an order for a propane tank delivery with Jack Gas and let us do all the heavy lifting for you.

For more information about propane tank delivery, call Jack Gas at 973-745-0396 today!

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