Thursday, July 12, 2012

Our Tanks Are Always Full

Propane is used as a fuel source for various things including barbeque grills, water heaters, portable stoves and more. All of these items that depend on propane keep a constant demand for propane delivery in NY and other places.

Jack Gas offers propane tank delivery for all clients. All of our tanks are filled to the top, thus weighing close to 20 pounds. Other companies only fill their tanks three-quarters full. The propane tanks delivered by Jack Gas will undoubtedly last you longer than other companies. See for yourself.

When you choose Jack Gas, you are choosing the reliable, efficient service of propane delivery in NY. You can skip the hassle of going to the store every time you need a refill and struggling to load the tank into your car. Call Jack Gas today at 973-745-0396.

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